Rear view of MagiCutter® showing the instructions for use.
The MagiCutter® is designed to cut the top sheet only. However, to be able to do this, the cutting blade must protrude completely through the top sheet. Therefore, one or more sheets must be placed under the sheet to be cut. Otherwise, damage to the blade or the table top may result.
Correct way (Keep cutter flat on sheet).
Use the MagiCutter® on a flat, firm surface.
Almost no down pressure is needed for newsprint.
Use less pressure for magazines.
Use more pressure for 20# paper stock.

Wrong way to use (do NOT lift rear of cutter).
The cutting tip is in the center of the metal insert.
Lifting the rear will not allow the blade to contact the paper.
The MagiCutter® photographed next a U.S. coin to show its relative size.

As you can see the coin is about an inch in diameter!

How it works:
An enlarged photo of the metal bearing insert with the cutter blade precision welded to its surface.
The blade tip protrudes about 0.005" past the bearing.
This allows the cutter tip to penetrate one sheet of paper.
And this depth keeps the blade from cutting skin.
The metal bearing doesn't wear away as in other cutters which use the plastic handle to be the gauge.
This maintains the cutting depth, and prevents the MagiCutter® from becoming dangerous.